My iPhone 6s Not Turning On Or Charging

I Had My iPhone In The Car And i Had It Charging Via The USB Port Provided In Cars And Just Out Of A Sudden It Went Blank And Won't Turn On Or Charge And I Carry It To Fix And A Guy Said I Need A Power IC but I'm Kinda Confused Cause There Are Two A PMIC( Power Management IC ) & A Power IC (U4500/U2 CHIP) I Don't Know What To Buy Or Do.

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pmic is the main power ic the u2 ic (tristar) is the charging ic


Language is important. In this scenario, the likely problem is at the brain-like USB PERMISSION chip. It is called TRISTAR on the schematic, and written on the chip is A1610, it is made by NXP. This chip has been going bad from using non-Apple chargers since the iPhone 5---and back in those days it was referred to as "U2" because tristar happened to be in the U2 board position in the iPhone 5.

Tristar is STILL commonly referred to as "U2 ic" which is not appropriate since it is not in the U2 position. It is called "Charging ic" even though it does NOT charge the phone--it negotiates the usb interface.

Completely unrelated is the traditional PMIC, power management chip which creates the many power rails in the phone from the battery. In the iPhone 6, the PMIC is often blamed for many problems, but it does not fail outside of water damage.


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IC (U4500/U2 CHIP) is most likely your issue using car chargers or like mischakuh said, verify good battery, not clogged charging port. Its not a diy job unless you have microsoldering skills with the right tools and experience.

Your best bet it to google a reputable repair shop near you for diagnosis or you can find a mail in repair here on Ifixit. Most should have a No Fix / No charge policy and cost for repair should be between $60 and $125

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Hey, Michael

I highly appreciate your time and help! Thank you for answering. I did check the lightning connector, prior to installing the battery, that ones fine. But the U2 chip thing is new to me, I'll definitely have to look into that.

Now, I'll be honest here, the battery cable was the second to first PIA (that being the waterproof adhesive). I had no idea that I had to bend/adjust the battery's flat cable in a way where it would hang directly above the connector so that I would be able to click it into place without any issue.


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An easy way to test the battery itself is to plug the phone into the computer and install the free third party software 3utools and check out the battery data. Coconut battery is similar for macs.

Tristar, the usb permission chip, is a really common fault in phones. The Apple cables and the bona fide Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod cables have a protection chip on a teeny circuit board at the end of the cable. The copy cables, or ones sold as if they are certified but are in fact fake (this is also really common) do NOT have the protection chip and pass through surges/noise/ripple which damages the brain-like decision making chip—tristar. In the old days of iPhone 5 when this chip first came on the radar screen, tristar was called U2. This name is no longer appropriate since tristar is no longer in the U2 board position, and we don’t want to accidentally change the wrong chip!

If a usb ammeter has verified that the charging block, cable, and lightning port are working on another device, then this point to tristar faults. Tristar is a bread and butter microsoldering job that you should be able to find a local shop that is familiar with the problem, if not, then mail in logic board repair.


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have You tested the battery?

There could also be some dirt in the charging hole/port that prevents from connecting properly (had this quite often, so if the battery is empty it seems dead).

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Hi, mischaku

I did check the charging port and it's clean, I actually try to clean it out more often than not!

BUT.. I have... not tested out the battery because I do not have the tool or device for that. It is a brand new battery though, so, (in theory) it should be just fine as far as probably not having to worry much about that being the issue.

I appreciate your response! It very well could end up being something faulty with the battery.


If you don't get apple logo with the battery unplugged and charger plugged in then the issue is with the logic board or charging port assembly and not the battery.



So that's how you test an iPhone battery?? Pretty awesome! I will give that a try tonight!

Ok, so if the issue is in the logic board, then we pretty much already know that it may be the "IC (U4500/U2 CHIP)" quote- Michael@treetop


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