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Released in August 2014, the Lenovo Y50-70 Touch is part of the Lenovo's Y series of laptops. Equipped with a dedicated graphics card and a 15.6" touch screen, the Y50-70 Touch is specialized for gaming.

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Is there any way to replace the whole monitor?

I got this laptop back when it came out in 2014, and treated it like a newborn baby. I never dropped it, treated it with the utmost care, and i started to notice the right hinge cracked. I never paid much attention to it, but recently the left hinge completely broke off the laptop, my screen is cracked and the glass is broken (with a couple of streaks through out the whole screen) and the ventilation slot is ripped off and broken. so now this thing is completely useless to me and I'm so scared to move it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Here is a link to an answer I've given before that may be of some help.

How much to fix the hinge

You'll find all the information about dis-assembly pre-requisites and procedures etc as well as the laptop's part numbers in the manual. Just search online, for the parts that you want, using the part number only, to find suppliers that suit you.

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