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The Asus VivoBook X202E is a small laptop released in late 2012. It has an 11.6-inch touchscreen display and a 3rd-generation Intel processor inside.

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Problems with pointer/cursor and screen

I have a vivobook Q200E-BHI3T46 and some stranges behavior on the screen.

At the bottom half of the screen there is like a circle, transparent blinking. If a hyperlink hits that area it will be activated. Some times the cursor will be stacked there and cannot be moved or it split into two, one will be stacked there and the other can be moved around with certain difficulties , but it will do the job.

Could this be problems with the touchscreen and can the touchscreen be disable? or is it related to the graphic card ?

Pls help me out here because it is driving me nuts.


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Try starting the laptop in 'safe mode' and see if it happens.

Try disabling the touchpad (Fn +F9) and see what happens.

Connect a USB mouse, with the touchpad disabled and see if it works OK

What OS is installed?


its happened also in safe mode. Currently i am running windows 8.1 64 bit.

Downloaded drivers from asus.



Did you install the latest Asus ATK package drivers "before" installing the latest Smart Gesture drivers?

The ATK package drivers are list underUtilities ATKACPI


I am not really sure which one I installed first. The strange thing is the touchpad is working as normal and most of the time the pointer looks fine. I am using only half of the screen and a little to the right of the middle I can see something which look like its clicking on the screen.

I had the same problem when i was running windows 10. Asus told me then that my asus vivobook was not compatible with windows 10.


The problem seems to be solved. This is what I did. I followed the advice from jayjeff. De-installed both drivers and installed them back the way he told me. I also followed he advice and dissable the touch screen. After the last major monthly windows update everything startet to changes and the laptop started to behive. Many thank to all advice i got and special thanks to jayeff.



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Hi, Have you tried to disable the touchscreen in Device Manager > HID? Right click on touchscreen entry listing and select disable.

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