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Philip Wake-up Light identified by modelnumber HF3500/60.

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How do I disable the speaker/alarm on a Philips 3500 Wake-up Light?

The worst "feature" of this wake-up light is the inability to turn off the alarm and just use the device as a wake-up light. There doesn't seem to be any videos online that provide clear instructions on how to disable the alarm. One forum suggested drilling a hole through the piezo speaker - if you can find it and avoid damaging the circuit board, which I think I might do.

Is there a better way to go about doing this?

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I ended up just stabbing the center hole and the surrounding 6 holes with the iFixIt screwdriver. It popped the piezo speaker and disabled it with minimal work.


Kevin Kramer for as long as it worked for you ;-)


Kevin you're a genius my good sir :)

Did as you, only had a leather needle handy, but it did the job.


I appreciate Kevin Kramer's suggestion since I watched a few videos that didn't explain the 6 hole approach! I futzed about with a paperclip, but what finally really helped me get the leverage I needed to push out the speaker was a regular ol' thumbtack. I *think* I've gotten it out, it's been quiet during the last three tests even though as I watch it I can hear the phantom beeping (my gosh, that's an annoying sound!). Thank you for posting this.


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Kevin Kramer check on here. Royal PITA but possible. Use an old credit card instead of a screw driver to open it up. Unsolder the speaker or develop a turn off circuit ;-)

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I just used a long needle to poke the speaker through the grill until it didn't work/couldn't make a sound anymore.

Be aware if you do this, that you can't get the sound back unless you replace the speaker unit. I'm not planning to do that though. 😂

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