My phone turns off during 2G call initialization from LTE network

My Moto g4+ is charged at 80% and I am trying to initiate a call. I am connected to 4G network and as there is no support for VoLTE in my country yet, my phone is suppose to first switch to 2G network and then create the call to the other device. In the moment of switching 4G off and swapping into the 2G network the phone just turns off and I have to power it on.

Same issue is happening when I am just receiving a call and I am on 4G network - the phone swaps to 2G network, my phone even starts ringing and after 1 second, maybe 2 or even after I immediately try to pick up the call - the phone powers off.

This is really annoying as I am unable to receive calls. The frequency of the issue is strange too: it's happening more often once my battery is getting dry. But not like 20 or 30 %, but like at 80 or 90%. SO to avoid I try to keep the phone at 100% charged, which is annoying and sometime really impossible.

Any idea, or recommendation ? Many thanks in advance !

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