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The Nintendo DS is Nintendo's seventh generation handheld game console.

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How do the hinges fit on the DS?


I am currently replaceing my complete DS case with a brand new red one as the old one is damages on the hinges.

The only problem is I cant work out how to put the hinge back on. I only have one axel and I dont know if anything else is supposed to be with it, or if there are supposed to be more axels.

Please help! Thanks

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Michael C, check this out and see if it does help you with your task good luck and let us know if this helped (or not)

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Great link...


Thanks for that but i've already seen it, its a great guide but it did'nt help. I have been able to put the hinge (axel) on one side, but on the other it is still loose. :( If you look at the image of the DS at the top right its the part between the big and the little hinges on the left that i cant work out what goes there. My original DS was broken there first and so i dont know if a part fell out or not. Thanks


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Big difference between a DSi, DS lite, and DS Orginal...specify..

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