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12.1" business laptop released in June 2012 by Lenovo. This laptop uses multiple product numbers, which vary based on configuration.

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Is my motherboard dead?

Suddenly my laptop doesn't start. If I press the power on button, the green light around the button will be ON for less than a second, and then turn off again. Nothing appears on the screen, and the computer doesn't boot.

This is what I have tried so far:

  • Replacing the DC jack because it had been damaged some months ago, and when plugging the power chord, it emitted a weak buzzing sound
  • Removing the battery and trying to power up with the power chord connected
  • Testing to charge it with the power chord from a friend that has the same laptop

The three tests failed. I also tried disassembling the computer's parts and searching for loose cables or overheated areas, but couldn't find any.

I guess this means the motherboard is dead, but is there a way to verify that? Can someone pleas provide a good source for it? If it was dead, does it worth replacing it?Any other ideas on what the problem could be?

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I also tried a BIOS reset by removing battery, unplugging adapter, and pressing power button for some seconds, but to no avail (source:


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@philip_j_fry what you have not told us is if your computer is actually charging the battery with the new DC-in jack. You want to double check your repair. Check your battery or replace your battery and see what you get. If your computer does not get proper power and does not charge the battery you can get this error. You can also try and give us all the numbers of your motherboard so we can check if somebody has the schematics for that board. Post some good pictures of both sides of your motherboard with your question so we can see what you see. Use this guide for that.

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