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The Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016), an Android Smartphones released by Samsung Electronics in 2016.

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water damage, touchscreen issues

so i may have dropped my phone down the toilet for maybe 10 seconds

at first it started flickering green but after a night it dried out and the screen worked fine, sound works perfectly, it charges perfectly.

only issue is the touch screen, one second itl work fine, next minute it either freezes and i cant press anything, and i press the power button and turn it back on and itl work for anywhere between 10 seconds to a few minutes or so.

or buttons i havent even touched will be pressed, like if im typing it might press other letters, or searching in google it might zoom in and out etc. also the drop down menu with wifi, mobile date, bluetooth etc. will keep dropping even when im nowhere near it.

will these issues go away overtime or will i need to get a screen repair or something???

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Okay, I had this same problem with my 3DS, but I know what's going on. There is water inside of your screen and it's messing with the touch sensors that are in the screen. (The touch sensors help feel your tap on the screen). I advise you take it to a repair shop, but if it can't be fixed, try getting a new phone.

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