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How to remove whell on Chicco happy holiday talking car


My son's car toy stop working, I removed all screws but can not remove screw under wheels. Do you maybe know how to remove wheels on this toy?

Thank you

Picture of toy

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Thank you Dan,

But on user manual dont has instructions how to remove wheels. It have two hidden screws under front wheels. I dont know how to remove wheels, without that i can't disassemble car


Hi @koske ,

Don't know the answer to your question or your toy but does it look like either the "hubcaps" may be prised off thereby showing how the wheels are held on or perhaps do the wheels just pull straight off the axle?

Can you post some close up pictures of the wheels (or just one front wheel) from underneath to give an indication of how they are situated.

Here is a link that shows how to do it.

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Did you manage to disassemble it? I have the same problem.


Had the same issue today.. searched for a solution and find nothing.


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You could try to pull the wheels off the axle, or turn them to the right to unscrew them off. If this doesn’t work,I’d recommend trying to separate the blue top plastic from the gray bumper, it may separate in various species and you can access the screws then.

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