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Eclipse MP3 Video Player Model: Eclipse-180G2 RD 4GB 2004-2011 Mach Speed Technologies

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it works while plugged in and thats it.

I've legit used mine 3 times and now it works while plugged in and thats it. I literally just bought this %#*@ thing...

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Hi @jacesmom2013 ,

If you have ensured that the battery is fully charged and it still only works when connected to a charger then there is a problem with the battery or the battery charging circuit in the player.

You state that I literally just bought this %#*@ thing.... What type of warranty if any, was offered by the vendor?

If there was a warranty given with the player and it is still valid, take it back for a refund

If there was no warranty or it is out of date and you wish to fix and keep the player here is a link to the ifixit Eclipse 180G2 MP3 Video Player Battery Replacement guide.

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