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The 17R-5720 offers Core-i5 performance at a reasonable price.

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Loud cord noise when attempting to start

Upon pressing the start button, a sound similar to a short, deep note on a piano is made inside computer and it will not open up.

I must shut down and attempt again a minimum of 3 to 4 times before computer allows self to open.


Thank you

John C

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How far does it get into the start sequence,

Lights on, fan running, maker's logo, error messages etc.

Does it do this when connected to the charger?


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From your description it sounds like something interfering with the fan, like a matted lump of dust and fluff rubbing on the fan vanes. If the fan is actually prevented from spinning at a reasonable speed the firmware will probably detect this and could well decline to start the computer for fear of the processor overheating.

First of all, try poking a pin through the air vents to see if you can dislodge any matted dust then try and suck it out with a vacuum cleaner. However, you will probably need to disassemble the laptop (not that hard) in order to gain full access to the fan.

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