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The Stylo 2 (model number LS775), the second iteration of the Stylo series, is manufactured by LG and was originally released in April 2016.

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I can not charge my phone

My phone ran out of charge, it was flat for 4 days when I tried to charge it again it would not charge. I do not know if the problem is the battery or the hand set but the hand set dose not even show a charging light.

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@philthy it is possible that your battery is discharged beyond it's threshold and does not longer take a charge. I'd start off by checking the charger itself. then the cable and finally the charging port to make sure there is not line or debris which prevents your phone from charging. If all that looks good and shows the proper voltages, replace the battery and reevaluate.

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As it turned out the battery was below the charging threshold but I used a 12v to jump it and got it working again


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