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Smaller version of the original iPad Pro. Released March 31, 2016. Features a 9.7" display, A9X processor, and 32/128/256 GB storage options. Available in Silver, Space Grey, Gold, and Rose Gold.

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After Screen Change Flashes on and off

We changed the screen on a IPad pro the screen was working however the home button was not so we disconnected the screen and re sat / layed the screen and home button.

Now when we try to power the device on it flashes and powers on (you cans see the home screen) but then goes back off to the black screen, the ipad is recognized in itunes, we have also tested the old screen and tested the new screen on a different IPAD pro and we can confirm the screen works.

Thanks in advance

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2 Soluções

2 issues that i can see here.

  1. Poor connection did not set the cable back correctly - easy fix reset the cable and be extra careful
  2. Damage the display connection --No fix available without changing main board (best is to buy a new one)

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Hi There,

Check the top panel of the Ipad pro you will proximity sensor. see if anything is obstructing it or its damaged.

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