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Sony CFD-S05 CD Radio Cassette Player was released in 2010, and has the CD-R/RW playback function.

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Why does the power cut off as soon as I turn on the unit

Power issue with Sony Radio CD player and cassette player CFD-S05

unit is plugged in and I have a second unit that works with the power cord.

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Great, i changed the capacitor and ifixit !


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Please check whether your symptom matches The Sony CFD-S05 unit will not power up . I added a detailed answer how I fixed the device there.

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I have The Sony CFD-SO5 and so how did you go from switched to unswitched ? Did you have to tear the unit apart ? How do you bypass the On/Off button ?


I did take the unit apart. @oldturkey03 posted a link to the Service Manual. It explains how to take the unit apart. In my unit, the problem was *not* with the power switch, so bypassing either that button or the electronic switch controlled by it would have made everything worse. The actual problem is a short circuit on the main board. You have to fix that. The unit performs a kind of "self-test" every time you try to turn it on, and automatically turns off again if there is a short circuit.


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Edward Walker you need to take a look at the power supply. Most likely a capacitor or transformer issue. Disassemble your unit CFD-S05 Disassembly and post some images of the power board so we can see what you see. Here is the guide for that Adding images to an existing question

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