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Second generation of the Ford Focus.

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What is wrong with speedometer

i have a ford focus and the instruments keep going fully round ie speedometer reads 140mph what could cause this

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I have a Ford focus 2005 and I try to start it and it won't start doesn't even make sound I have to. Put the shift on second and push it in order to start


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Most of the talk on the Focus forums seem to indicate that the problem is your speed control sensor. You can find one here, for not that much money.

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If all the guages do that in your cluster it is definately a problem with the wiring harness going to the alternator, this happenned to my 02 focus SE and is a widely spread problem on those cars, the wires become britle and will cause this issue, get it fixed before you engine starts dying because this wire completely looses contact

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I don't have an answer I don't know how to post a question

I have a 2011 focus my old cluster had a couple issues but it started my car. I went junkyard got another cluster it works e everything but won't start

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