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The HTC Desire is the first smartphone of the Desire series developed by HTC.

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I dont know what happened ...

when i turn on my phone it keeps repeating the welcome window repeatedly.....

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Phone is on but no picture no service


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rica, did anything happen to the phone? Any firmware or software updates? Anyhow try this first and see what happens. Hold the Volume - button then press the power button once. You should boot into FASTBOOT. Select BOOTLOADER, and select clear data or something like that. This will do a factory reset for your phone. You may lose your info on there so make sure you have some sort of back up for contacts etc. and here is more info Let us know if this helped so we can continue to assist you if not. Good luck.

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I had the same problem, and after days of searching on internet I realized the problem is the overheating of the CPU which is a hardware problem. Maybe you guys can fix the problem. Good luck

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i was restoring the factory setting and during restoring it become dead . i dont know wht happend . can anyone help me to resolve it .????

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