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Second generation of the Toyota 4Runner.

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Window driver switch does not work

The master window switch on driver door will lock and unlock but will not roll windows down. What would cause it? Is there a relay or fuse for that?

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There are a multitude of reasons for it to not work . Start with the one that usually fixes the problem . Check the wiring between the door and the body . the act of opening and closing the door eventually wears the wiring to the point of breaking . So check the wires here first . There are fuses in the panel that are for the windows check then next . Then with a multi meter check that the power is getting to the switch . If all the windows have failed on the drivers door but work at the other switches the problem could be the drivers panel ground or the switch itself could be faulty . Test it with your multi meter. Seeing how all the windows are effected its safe to say its not the window motors. Just a few things to check . Hope this helps

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A little late, but I want to confirm. What setting should my multimeter be on to test these switches? Is it 12V, as that's what the battery puts off?


Hi @ Synth Wolfe,

The DMM should be set at 20V DC (usually there's no 12V option) or higher than 12V DC as the battery can be at 12.5V DC etc, if it is new and fully charged.

DMM's black test lead into the "Com" port and red lead into the V port.

Other end of black lead is connected to vehicle's chassis (bright, clean unpainted metal surface (door catch perhaps) which is an earth connection) and you test with the other end of the red lead for voltage.

Apologies if you know all this already ;-)


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