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The larger version of Samsung's flagship phone, the Galaxy S8+. Released in April 2017.

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Cracked the front glass, any suggestions for repair?

The front glass of my S8+ is currently cracked on the bottom of the screen and I want to try and find an easy/simple fix since all functions of the phone are fine. I got an estimate to repair it for $329 dollars, but I don't want to pay that much obviously if I can do it cheaper myself. I see a guide for the regular S8, is that same? Also if I put electrical tape over the crack will that suffice for a while since that part of the screen is non-touch sensitive anyway? Thanks for any suggestions. Also where could one buy replacement glass?

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My question is: Can I replace my front screen ONLY without damaging or replacing the LCD & Digitizer?? Places I call say its $450 and they have to replace EVERYTHING.. And I've watched a ton of videos and took notes so I'm confident I can do it, even bought a heat gun and a front screen of EBay that came w all the tools needed , and new glue & adhesive.. Just don't wanna take it apart unless I know for sure I can do it without damaging the LCD & Digitizer.. PLEASE HELP


I need to change s8+ front glass


Dry ice works like a champ


You can buy a like-new (certified pre-used; & comes w/ a 90 day warranty) galaxy s8+ through Boost Mobile for $250 (it comes out to about $270 after shipping). I just got one (and promptly proceeded to drop & crack the back glass, fortunately. . .) and its brand-new as far as I can tell. No scratches or visible wear at all!


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The replacement of the glass only is a very very hard work and is nearly impossible without the right tools, machines and experience. The glass sticks together with the touchscreen. Removing it without any pretreatment will break the screen directly.

The worksteps are:

1. Heating up the LCD glass with a high temperature (not to high and not to less) so the glue begins to be fluent again

2. Removing the glass millimeter per millimeter while using a wire which you have to pull between the glass and touchscreen

3. Do steps 1. and 2. as long the glass is removed completely

4. Remove the last left broken glass-parts from the screen

5. Clean the screen from the glue-rests

6. Apply new glue on the touchscreen

7. Assemble the new glass

8. Dry the glue between glass and touchscreen with blacklight (UV-A)

9. Assemble the screen again

You see, there are a lot of steps to do, most of them are very difficult and you have a very high chance to break your screen on nearly every steps. Companies who make that professional have own machines for every single step to make a clean and preferably lossless work.

In other words: I would highly recommend to replace the whole LCD assembly (which is very expensive, yeah) or pay that high amount of money for the replacement if you really want to replace it. Maybe you can live with that little crack or sell the phone as it is for the best possible price as long it works that way.

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Ok, so I read your response and I thank you so much it was very helpful. I did more research into the DIY replacement for the LCD and it seems very approachable as long as you follow instructions very precisely. So my second question is: Is the replacement as difficult as some of these guides are making it sound or are they just there to warn you of the many possible mistakes done by people in the past? Mind you the only tech repair I've done up to this point is computer related, so I'm not sure how to approach this if I decide to dive into the DIY (not to mention saving a few dollars and gaining some knowledge about the insides of my phone). Thanks again!


Overall I think you can do the replacement even if you are not skilled so much but need to be very careful. Take as much time as possible.

The main issue is the glue between some plastic parts, especially at the back over and finally the LCD and plastic housing in front of it. Nearly every android phone is sticked together like this and you have to be very careful not damaging or bent something. Using a tool to heat the plastic is highly recommended. I would also recommend to buy a lcd assembly which is still delivered with the plastic chasis in front of it. Would you can skip a very bad work step. At least you need to remember to glue all parts to get her again which had one before.


Ah, and one thing: If you don't feel good if you think on doing such work I wouldn't do it on my own in any case. :)


Michael, I have seen other videos online that replace the glass that require taking the back panel off, taking out almost all components of the phone, and then taking out the glass panel. Is this all necessary, or are you sure that your steps will work. I have also seen things involving dry ice, will a hair dryer suffice?



Hey! I highly recommend to remove the complete components from the phone. If you want to replace the whole assembly it is neccessary anyway, but also if you want to replace the LCD glass only. After you have to heat the glass up it would damage the cables or motherboard if you leave it in the phone.

Well, unfortunately I never used dry ice so far and can't give any feedback regarding a repair using it.


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It is expensive to replace a new Screen assembly but no second choose for most people. Here is the S8+ screen assembly replacement and how to replace it

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My phone is crack from back side. What will i do????

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