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Motorola released the Droid Turbo 2 in late October 2015. Model number XT1585.

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Charge port appears broken/loose inside phone

The charge port feels loose inside the phone and it is very difficult to get the cable to make connection to charge it, reminds of the old droid razor flip phone battery connecter going bad is it repairable or better to just buy new phone

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Thank you for your help I'm too old and blind for soldering I'll try to send it to Motorola to get it fixed after I buy a new one, thanks again


This is a "known issue" with Verizon. I know this because I have had about 5 replacements under warranty


My phone started this about three years ago. Internet search found it’s a common problem with the Turbo 2. Port is poorly soldered to the board. Found a company that could repair it. They even had a YouTube video of him doing the repair. Then I found the the phone has an inductive charger, so I’ve been using it ever since. I recently had to replace the battery. Thought while I was in there I’d solder those connections myself. That’s when I realized why he was using a video microscope. The connections are tiny. There are five of them in a row and they are all in about a 3/8 inch space. I had to put on a pair of reading classes and look through the lighted magnifying glass I have mounted on my desk. I didn’t have a soldering tip small enough. In fact I’ve never seen one small enough so I wired a needle to the tip and went at it. The needle just wouldn’t transfer enough heat to melt the solder so I gave up and finished the battery install.


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I've looked over the repair guides of the Droid Turbo 2 and it seems like the charging port is soldered to the mainboard, which means it is difficult to repair in your own. You could certainly try soldering it back yourself if you feel that your soldering skills are good enough.

If you follow the steps outlined here, you could get to that port: Motorola Droid Turbo 2 Battery Replacement

Otherwise you could send it in for repairs (obviously for a fee) but it may be wiser to spend that money on a new phone.

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