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Screw and disassembly for iPhone 6s


I have a problem with disassembling my iphone 6s.

Upon disassembly I group all the screws of my iphone 6s in a box without having gaffe that there were several sets of fasteners different. Now for the winding I serious galley because I know more which screw go to such a place. Help me please. Thank you.

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If you have mixed up all the screws, this is unfortunately going to be a long and boring process for you!

You will have to get some digital calipers to measure each size of the screws, this allows you to then put the screws back in the correct place.

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I'm sure the engineers snickered (and probably got a promotion to boot) when they realized nearly EVERY screw was different from the others...:>).


I know them by heart. A very useful skill...


I know a lot of them, but I wouldn't know every one of them by heart.


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If it is your own phone, I'd consider not putting all of the screws back in. In my experience, the only screws you HAVE to have are the ones securing the back plate, earpiece speaker assembly, and home button. You don't necessarily have to put the plates in covering the battery and display connectors. If it was me, I might consider buying a full assembly to avoid having to measure all the screws, as this could take you FOREVER. I've included a link to the iFixit full assembly for the 6s, but you could probably find one for less money elsewhere. Good luck!

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