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The first model of iPhone, Model A1203 with 4, 8, or 16 GB capacity and an aluminum back. Repair requires a significant amount of prying, and may require some soldering.

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How to replace the glass only?

Has anyone tried this? Found a 25 dollar 1st gen in good condition on eBay and I would like to get it but it has a cracked glass. LCD is fine. Does it have LOCA? It is like the 3G/3GS screen?

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Due to the design of the iPhone, the glass cannot be replaced seperately from the LCD panel. The glass and LCD are fused together during manufacturing and cannot be separated. Both the glass and LCD panel must be replaced as a unit.

iPhone 1st Generation Display Assembly Replacement

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Could I remove the dock connector?


@mayer is correct. The average user can't replace the glass on it's own. This is not a DIY job.

It can be done with the right equipment, new glass, a UV light and LOCA glue but it's probably something you aren't capable of doing.


I have done LOCA replacements before, they were not perfect but they looked a lot better (a spec of dust got in the screen) Also, I just bought the phone.


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