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Repair guides and support for the third-generation 5D, a DSLR camera released by Canon in 2012.

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Replacing Mode Dial on Canon 5DMkIII

The button and metal face plate for the mode dial on my Canon 5DMkIII are missing. I lost them last December while running through the jungle, trying to keep up with a troop of chimpanzees. The dial itself is still intact and I've been able to change the mode by pressing a small pin into the button hole to unlock the dial.

I have a complete replacement dial/button/face plate in hand. Does anyone know how complicated it is to change this out or where I might find detailed instructions. . . . . .or at this point, should I just send it in to a professional for repairs (I have replaced components on a number of other cameras, with good success).


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my canon 5d mark 3 brokened hot sho. if i no how can replese that


Hi Robert

I have this same problem with my 5dmkiii. Were you able to figure it out on your own?


Hi anyone found a place where they repair this issue?


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If you have the mode dial cover you can replace it with a little lock tight super glue if it came with the 3m adhesive on the back it will fall off again. I had this same problem. Also you will find a small notch on the mode dial that helps you to align it properly. I hope this helps.

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Voici la solution:

Je l'ai commandé et reçu.

La rondelle se colle avec un auto collant qui est fourni par le vendeur.


=== ===

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