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The Ford Taurus X (originally known as Ford Freestyle) is a crossover utility vehicle that was sold by Ford from 2005 to 2009. Essentially the replacement for the Ford Taurus station wagon, the 2005-2007 Freestyle was produced in a single bodystyle with six or seven-passenger seating.

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oil pressure light comes on intermittantly

engine oil light comes on intermittently. Has fresh oilchange and no knocks or rattles when light is on. Goes off as fast as it comes on. My thoughts would first be oil pressure switch . anything else you would try first?

Update (07/04/2017)

I forgot to say is 2001 Taurus 3.0 flex fuel ohv v6

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Hi rla2012,

You mention having a fresh oil change, do you happen to know what oil and oil filter was used? A different weight oil and or an incorrect filter can cause the oil system to read inaccurately.


not sure ,we just bought the car from a private party as gift to help out family member. Car has 197,000 miles but seemed to run good. previous own said the oil had just been changed and a/c serviced


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Test the IAC (Idle Air Control) unit.

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The IAC unit, how does that tie in with the oil pressure?


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