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A cordless drill by Black and Decker identifiable by the category number 9049 Type 1.

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No Power - doesn't charge when plugged in


My drill has sat for months and months (years), but no longer powers up. It doesn't even come on when I plug it in.

Thanks in advance,


Chandler AZ

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COMPLETION ANSWER: I am not happy with the previous answers.

Given the age of the CD2000, these are NiCd. I have not seen a good NiCd battery in years, as they're all old and tired or have unrecoverable memory effect issues. More than likely, the battery itself is no good. Even my own NiCd drill needs batteries, the cost to get it going on Lithium is so expensive I bought new 20V tools from DeWalt and will eventually get the DCA1820 to revive the drill. Every time I've tried I've almost always found the cheapest way in is ironicaly an entry-level drill bundle with the 2 1.5 or 2Ah batteries in the package since I can't use my good XR batteries on the DC970 :-(.

If you are up to doing it, @oldturkey03 has a guide on how to rebuild the battery you can reference. Make sure you use NiMh cells and NOT NiCd. NiCd needs to die.

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If it is battery opperated try and get a replacement battery. If that dosent work try and find a new power cord for it because depending on how the power cord was when it was stroed if you straited it out of having it in storage for a while it might have broken a wire in the cord. If a new power cord dosent help try if possible oil the motor it is possible that over time it could have gotten a little mosture in it due to where it was stored. If any of these dont work you will sadly have to get drill.

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MY MOM HAD A CD2000 That she wanted me to look at. I tested the charger and no voltage output..

What happens to these is t he nicad batteries short out internaly . Which causes the chargers to overheat and burnout as well. I ordered the new batteries and charger and fixed it for her because its small enough for her to handle. However, if I had it to do over again I would not fix it! It was a pain to do.

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