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The Asus X555L is a low budget laptop that came out in May of 2015. The model depicted in these guides is X555LA-SI305041, an Intel Core i3 laptop designed to be affordable for consumers. Similar model numbers: X555LB, X555LD, X555LF, X555LI, X555LJ, X555LN, and X555LP

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Where to locate CMOS battery

I'm trying to replace the CMOS battery in my Asus X555la and am unable to find the battery itself. A simple picture of the battery or a step by step guide to get to it would be great. I've completely dismantled the computer and flipped the motherboard over with no luck.

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Hi James, have you found the solution to your problem? Is there CMOS battery on the motherboard?


The 555L does not have one. It has a capacitor


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If Asus is still using CMOS batteries (most companies now use a capacitor on the logic board), it may be similar to this: Asus X551CA CMOS Battery Replacement

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Hi i would like to know where is the CMOS battery on the asus X555QG


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In my Asus laptop, its near on off switch, its not a big deal to replace, on the image, its near Asus logo.

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