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boys your help is necessary

I am fond of an Adobe Photoshop CC 2017, I edit photos and other, and I spend on it almost all the free time. But there was a trouble, to me the blue screen has come, and it was necessary to bear the computer on repair. I was upset a lot, when I learned that not all data could restore, and that data, which was returned… the most part, they have ceased to open. Almost all processed images, have gone up the spout. And now I need to recovery adobe photoshop.

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I don’t know many effective solutions for damaged .psd files. But I still remember one effective program, it is called its advantage above others is in algorithm

See following

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It sounds like your data is corrupt and is probably ruined.

I would take it to a data recovery specialist, but they can be expensive.

But just look up "data recovery services near me" on google and call a few and compare their rates.

Find one with a fair rate and go to them and see if they can help you out.

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It's not Photoshop you're recovering from, as Photoshop is just software for editing photos. Your hard drive crashed. As Cameron said, a data recovery service may be able to recover your files, but they are often expensive. Next time, remember to make a backup. For that, put an HDD in an external case and make a backup often. That or a cloud storage program, such as google Photos. Google photos will back up any photos under 16MP for free.

Hope this helps!

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First, don't save anything to the hard drive with the photo data as it might overwrite the data. You can try some free data recovery software to see if you can recover files. It might be that the file table is corrupted with the actual data being ok. If you have two hard drives or partitions then save the recovery software on the one that does not have your data.

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