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This 20" Dell All In One can be identified by the label on the back along the bottom of the display.

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How to replace screen

how to replace the lcd screen

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Sho Yo rite is correct. download the manual from here. Page 73 will tell you exactly how to do it.

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IT Pro here...

You can find the complete break down of the device in the owners manual on the dell support website.

The owners manual will give you a complete comprehensive breakdown of the ENTIRE device!

Just Google "Dell Inspiron One 2020 owners manual" It took me right to the official dell website!

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@oldturkey03 Sho Yo rite is going to be a good one but needs to register his name via his Profile


@mayer I am certain but we have to reiterate that there is a different way to answer than to refer to other sites, links or strictly using google. Remember that "Answers" is a reference that is going to stick around for a while and may outlast the links etc.


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