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Help Finding Resistor and Capacitor Values on Logic Board

Hi folks!

I have a Mid 2012 MacBook Pro with Retina display (A1398, EMC 2512) that experienced some liquid damage. A small amount of juice got into the MacBook and completely burned out pin 1 on the internal DisplayPort connector, which I identified as the backlight power pin. (The data pins still worked and the computer still booted up fine, but the backlight was completely gone.) I was able to install a new connector but ran into some troubles. This was the first time I'd ever used a rework station, so I accidentally blew off an inductor, a QFN package, and 3 of the smallest capacitors and resistors I have ever seen. I was able to reinstall the QFN and inductor without too much hassle, but the very tiny components were blown to God knows where.

Block Image

I lost half of these guys. (The ones handing on by a thread were both lost ) At this point I hope to remove all of these tiny components, clean the pads, and use solder paste to put on a fresh set in one go.

Here is the location of the components on the logic board:

Block Image

Block Image

(NOTE: multimeter probe for scale)

From right to left, the missing components are labeled as:







My question is as follows:

1) What are these component values?

2) What type of package do these components use?

3) Where's a good place to source parts like this?

Thank you in advance for your help!


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First, turn down the air on your hot air station! I have never seen anyone blow off components unless it has been knocked, or being soldered on with leaded solder!

There are too many components to list down the specifications here; just grab a schematic for your board (820-3332) and ctrl+f the component references you listed; this will tell you the values and package size.

You can buy these from mouser, digikey, farnell or anywhere which sells resistors, capacitors, etc. This, or you can order a donor board and swap them across.

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Thank you for your help, Reece! I'll go ahead and clean up my question and provide a specific answer to my question below. If you're attempting this repair, I highly recommend reading the board view and schematic yourself (links at bottom of post).

I was able to find both a correct board view and schematic. From that, the component values are:

R9000- 0 Ohms (Just use a jumper)

R9001- 1M Ohms

r9002- 1M Ohms

C9028- 0.1uF

R9003 - 1M Ohms

C9029 - 0.1 uF

All of these components have a package type denoted [0201].

NOTE: Please see the board view and PDF for tolerance, temperature rating, and dielectric composition, ect.

Openboardview(open source board view software): http://openboardview.org

Schematic and board view for 820-3332:http://www.apple-schematic.se/board/820-...

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Hi Eugene,

This is C6960, a capacitor. Its value is 1uF. It is not essential to the operation of the machine, but at the same time, there is probably a good reason for it to be there. Here is a portion of the schematic detailing that component (in yellow)

Block Image

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Hi Allen,

thank You very very much! That is what I am looking for!


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Where did you buy this resistors, mine is R6950 I can’t find anywhere

anyone can help me with this

thanks in advance

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Hi folks

I have a similar problem. Yesterday I changed the battery of my Macbook Pro Mid 2012 13” i5 2.5Ghz (no retina). Unfortunately a small part broke off (see appendix). Do you know the name of this part? It is located above the battery connection.

Fortunately I didn't lose this part. Can I check it for function somehow?

Strangely enough, the Macbook runs without problems. So I can't say what the part is for.

Block Image

I look forward to your help.

Best regards from germany.

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