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Booting up is slow

My iPhone 5S boots up very slowly sometimes.

When on the Apple logo, he stays there for some time. Sometimes he starts up normally, sometimes very slow.

I also noticed that sometimes when on Apple logo he will reboot and start booting again.

Weird, because sometimes everything goes normal, sometimes he starts up slow.

I checked battery health via iBackupBot and battery still have 90% of original capacity.

DFU restore has already been done..

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Apple quietly changed the file system in iOS 10.3, it may be that the file system on your iPhone is corrupt.

I would suggest the following:

• backup your iphone completely in iTunes

• grab the latest full iOS update from http://www.iclarified.com/750/where-to-d...

• put your phone into DFU mode

• in iTunes, it will ask to restore -- in Windows hold shift and click Restore and select the firmware you just downloaded; in OS X hold Option and click the restore button and select the firmware you just downloaded

• after the firmware finishes restoring to the iPhone, it will as you to restore from a backup -- don't -- instead, set up as a new iPhone and follow the iphone through the new set up sequence

• now, restore as from the backup you made in the first step.

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Didn't help. Problem was also there before iOS 10.3.

Thanks though. I apreciate your answer ;)

Sometimes he boots up normally, sometimes he's slow.


Just curious, do you have like 100 apps installed, user data / internal storage filled up?


Not actually. Even when fresh from regular restor or DFU restore it happens.


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