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Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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Water damage iPod .replaced battery, logic board and hard drive?

It did work for a few days after I replaced the battery, but then it just wasn't holding charge, noticed the brown battery connector missing so I went ahead and replaced the logic board and again it worked for a few more days. Now it started skipping songs then it just died. I was able to restore only to go back to do the same, now it just won't mount the hard drive so again I replaced the hard drive and still doing the same I'm waiting for a hard drive cable what next if it doesn't work? And btw I don't see it on windows or iTunes. Device manager doesn't give me any options it only shows it.

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the only time I've had that happening it was due to a harddrive error. Can you get into diskmode and run your test? You can also reset in that mode. I sounds you have everything else already replaced. I can almost guarantee that it is your HDD, never had a real cable issue. Let us know,since I would like to find out for myself...


Hey oldturkey03 yes I'm able to run the auto test after that it said auto test pass how ever after I push the menu to go through the manual test it freezes when it gets to fire wire and I have to reset again and that is with the new HDD on. I was able to see the hard drive data only once and again it froze. I'm still waiting on the HDD cable and then will see. Any suggestions?


izzymendez, did you connect a fire wire cable to it during thew test? if you can not connect one it usually hangs up at that point since it can not verify that it is working. I've had that happened to me before and have since invested in fire wire cable for my computer which has a fire wire port.


Hi oldturkey03 I did fix one and nothing happen. Fix 2 a window pop up "iPod needs to be reformated do you like to star iTunes to do it" so I did and iTunes stars but nothing happens sad face icon and low battery after restart I'm using windows 7


So it did not get formatted? It does sound more like you HDD. Did you buy it new? Did you get your cable yet. Just found this one http://hubpages.com/hub/iPOD-Sad-Face---...


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You may have tried this already, but if not, it might help to reinstall the software (iTunes in this case). The iTunes/iPod package has a bunch of different parts and anyone of them may have gotten corrupted or messed up. Having a fresh install could alleviate any problems. Your songs (both from CDs and the iTunes Store) won't be deleted during this process. If you want to back them up anyway, open My Computer and go to: My Documents\My Music, then copy and paste the iTunes folder to your desktop. •Close all windows. •Open Control Panel (through the Start button or Start > Settings). •Open Add or Remove Programs. •Select iTunes, then click Remove. •Select Yes. •Do not restart when prompted. •Go back into Add or Remove Programs, remove any iPod Updater applications that are listed, just like you did for iTunes. •Now restart your computer.

This is part two :)

•Open My Computer, double click Local Disk C, double click Program Files.

•Do you see the iTunes folder? It may or may not be there. If so, right-click over the iTunes folder, select Delete, select Yes.

•Do the same for the iPod folder (right click, delete, yes).

•Minimize all windows and right-click over the Recycle Bin. Select Empty Recycle Bin.

•Restart your computer.

Go download iTunes and install it. After that whole thing is done, connect the iPod. I really hope this works for you because the other fix is a little confusing if you haven't done it before.

Fix #2

Your computer manages different programs in different ways. Your problem may stem from the fact that the iPod Service isn't set properly.

1.Disconnect your iPod and quit iTunes.

2.From the desktop, right click over My Computer and click Manage.

3.In the left side panel, double click Services and Applications, then double click Services (right underneath).

4.Double click iPod Service in the right hand panel.

5.Click the Stop button under the General tab and leave the iPod Service Properties window open.

6.Connect your iPod and wait until you see it in My Computer (be patient, it may take awhile).

7.Click the Start button in the iPod Service Properties window.

8.Open iTunes.

I know I should have asked this first. Which OS are you using; Windows or Mac OS?

I hope that in your case it is the cable since I have had these case where the drives showed but would not mount and I could not access the drives which was a HDD failure.

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