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Released October 13, 2016, the PlayStation VR is Sony's first virtual reality headset designed to work with the PlayStation 4 gaming console.

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Spare Parts: Where can I get a replacement HDMI cable for the headset

This is the dual HDMI cable that includes the in line headphone control. I have a cut cable and want to purchase a replacement rather than having to pay Sony for a full out of warranty repair ($275 AUD).

The cable is terminated with a PCB header connector inside the headset and is fully replaceable, its just I cannot source one.

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I have the same issue, have given up and bought a replacement version 2 psvr. The design of v1 was very poor and cable is bound to break where it is under stress as it exits the headset. What is completely outrageous is that sony refuse to supply replacement (no 5) headset cables. The cable plugs into the motherboard with a ribbon cable and could be easily replaced after 20mins stripping down the headset, but because sony won't sell you one when it goes the whole machine goes in landfill and one is £200 or so out of pocket. The cable consists of 40 minute individual non colour coded signal cables and so you have no hope of trying to splice around the inevitable fault when it occurs. In this day and age where companies are at least pretending to be "woke", !#^&^$^ on the customer and the environment by creating unnessasary obsolence like this is shameful.

I'm a heating engineer and if boiler manufacturers refused to make replacement parts freely available they wouldn't be in business long.


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Here's how to splice an HDMI cable if you can't find a replacement:

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