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24" display; Built-in iSight Camera, Microphone, and Speakers; 1920x1200 resolution. Released October 2008, identified by model number A1267.

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24" LED Cinema Display flickers then dies (A1267)


I am looking for some help with my 6-year old ACD. It works for about 2-3 seconds when turned on, then flickers and dies. This happens regardless of whether it is plugged into my MacBook or Mac Mini.

Using a flashlight, I can still see my desktop on the screen, but it is extremely dark. The other features (MagSafe charger, speakers & iSight) are all working fine.

Going through the questions here, this seems like a pretty common problem, however the answers are conflicting and confusing - some people say the logic board is toast, others say the backlight is dead, and I've even read something about the backlight being part of the logic board (what??) which is faulty.

Can somebody please confirm exactly what is wrong, and the replacement part I'd need to buy? Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi ,

I bought an old 24” Cinema Display and it started to having this problem too. When I plug in the display port screen flickers for like a 2 or 3 times and dies off. Speakers and USB ports are working without any problems.

Tried everything and none of the solutions worked for me. And I do not have the opportunity to go and replace backlight. So what I figure out is doing this appears to fix the issue!

  • Plug your mini display port and usb cable,
  • You will not see any image(obviously) set the Display’s brightness to the lowest as possible,
  • Plug out both usb and display port,
  • Plug only display port/after this screen will start to flicker like crazy,
  • Put your MacBook, Mac Mini … etc. to sleep mode,

Wake up your system and you are good to go!

At least this is working for now for me. Set brightness again to what you want it should be OK now.

I know this is an old thread but maybe someone who has this will see and maybe it will work.


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hey this... works. i didn't expect that, it sounded fake.

though, for me, when i plugged in the display port after detaching the display port and USB it didn't flicker. i figured it was because the display was too dark to flicker— so i plugged the usb back in, and turned the brightness up a little. it started to flicker, and i just stared at it, then it stopped, so i kept turning the brightness up... and it started flickering again, but i kept turning it off and it died. i tried again— this time, every time it flickered i waited, until i could turn the brightness all the way up.

not sure what the science of it is, but there you have it. for anyone still rocking a 24" cinema display in 2020, haha.

thank you! one day i'll have to replace the logic board or something, or buy a new one, but i really like this display's design over the other ones, and the size is perfect. i was upset and didn't want to throw in the towel.


OMG, I can't believe this worked,

Thanks a million time +1


Thank you! This worked for me too!


Holy mackerel, I have an A1267 with the same issue that hadn't worked for years, but this brought it back to life.

Dark magic.

How did you figure this out.


This actually worked. I got the display second hand and it worked intermittently but never at full brightness. I’d have to power it off and on repeatedly until it eventually worked. I tried your method with a Mac Pro 2013 and it worked!!! And full brightness for the first time too!!! Thank you!!

I turn on the computer

Turn it back on (mini display port and usb connected)

Use the f1 key to lower brightness all the way.

Then plug in the mini display port only

Then plug in the usb and increase brightness

It works!!

This has to be a software issue


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Thank you so much @ccain123 ! Yes, I did end up ordering a fairly new display from AliExpress, which arrived in a week. Thankfully, my display works exceptionally now! Paying a little over $100 seems way better than spending $1599 for the new studio display which has the same basic features, even though I hesitated myself at first also in fixing this “old” unit. I hope it lasts another decade, God-Willing! I highly recommend anyone else to also just fix the unit by replacing the LCD.

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It probably is because the drive circuit is broken. Try bringing it to an Apple Store

UPDATE: People say it happens when things are plugged in to the display like flash drives(to me it sounded silly) and people also said you should try shielding it with tin foil. That interference affects it. Anyway if this doesn't help i'm still looking things up.

UPDATE: I found that it also could be a cold solder joint on the logic board, on the backlight driver or that the driver itself is broken. Maybe reflow soldering might help?

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Really, take it to an Apple Store? This is a do it yourself repair site. Besides all Apple will tell him is that it's a legacy product and they don't work on it anymore.


Well sorry but I couldn't find any parts for it. I will search again and update the text OK?


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Hello All, this also has been happening to me where the monitor just flickers starting at 20% brightness. Anything lower seems to be fine, but it is too dim.

So I just recently ordered a used/working logic board and replaced it on my unit. Unfortunately, it is still happening. I doubt it is the logic board, since it is happening on 2 different logic boards. Does anyone have any other suggestions on what it could be? Thanks so much.

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Hey! I have the same exact problem that you are having right now and I just wanted to let you know about all of the research that I could find on this problem. As far as I can tell, based off of info from imacs from around this same generation since information on imacs is WAY easier to find, this particular problem was very common and was solely based around a failure in the soldering joints of the LED light strip of the LCD assembly. Sometimes the problem could be linked to a failure in the light strip itself as well as opposed to the soldering. It's inexpensive to replace that strip but apparently a pain to work with since soldering in the amount of space the display has there is very difficult. Luckily, those strips are built into the display assembly itself which means that buying an entirely new assembly would fix our issues! Considering that it's so old now, I struggle with justifying spending the 90 dollars on a new one though. I hope this could add some insight to your problem!


Here's a link to a replacement display if that interests you at all :) -


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