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Why is the Display white but an external Monitor works fine?

My PB 12" 1,5GHz were running to hot last Summer.

After rebooting, the Display stays bright white and shows nothing at all. But an external Display works fine!? curious!

So I thought that maybe the Display is causing the Problem.

So I built in a new one (LCD only)....(some hours later)....there is still the same Problem: Display is white only..... what is the Problem with my Machine? Which part could be the Problem?

Thanks for Helping me and Happy X-Mas

LG Softseeker

EDIT: @mayer

Model No.: A1104 Serial No.: XXXXXXXXRJ4

I tried the thing with the Flashlight but couldn´t see the desktop anyway.

PS: I have changed only the LCD, no cabbles or inverter..... THX


Now I´ve exchanged the LCD-Cable.....nothing happens, Display still white.

-So now the inverter causes my LCD problem for sure? I don´t want to buy/built in this Part just to keep the same problem....


Here a little question/thought of mine: (LCD INVERTER)! A good Friend told me that the inverter regulates the Backlight of the LCD-Panel only. My LCD is shining bright white but I can´t read or see anything on it. I´m able to regulate the brigthness, from white to dark. Because this works fine, I can´t believe that this part (LCD Inverter) is the curse of my Problem.........does this Part anything else than controll the LCD brightness? Someone can tell me for sure? ::::: (MAYER?) :::::: It took 6 hours and 80 Phillips Screws to exchange the LCD-Cable and the inverterjob will take too....... Is it conceivable that the internal GPU output won´t work while the external Display doing his job correctly? Logicboard (GPU) RIP? Or is this thought technical impossible?


I want back my mac(k) remnantlol

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the only things I can think about are :

1. the video connector on the logic board is broken or not making a full connection

2. the video cable from the logic board to the LCD panel is damaged.

3. the LCD panel is dead probably not in your case since you have a new one.Did it come with the inverter?

The only other thing I could find out was that you may have to use the F7 key to toggle to the monitor. If you can view the monitor, find the original OS X discs that came with your system, insert the one that says 'AHT Version x.x' in small print on the label. Insert it and reboot holding the option key down, choose the Apple hardware test, click the arrow to the right, and choose the extended test. Does it give you any messages? Of course I am not a Mac person yet an am new at Mac's but I do hope that this makes sense until the MAc Guru's on here are going to find the proper help for your problem. Good luck...Excellent I see mayer picked it is on the way for you:)


this is more of an answer than a comment.


Thanks mayer, but I like to just comment when I do not know the answer for sure. I like to help by getting the person to think about different options when I myself am not certain. Merry Christmas..


Apple PowerBook G4 1.5 12" (Al) Specs

Identifiers: 12-Inch - 1.5 GHz - M9690LL/A* - PowerBook6,8 - A1104 - 2030


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Since it works with an external, the problem is isolated to the display area. That would be the display data cable, LCD and the inverter. We need to know your exact model to direct you to the correct parts. Please give the last three letters of your serial number. Shine a flashlight at an angle on the screen to see if you can see the desktop and let us know the results. Thanks

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Sorry, the way you edited your question, I didn't see the change.

If the external is working there ARE only three things. The inverter (which I don't think it is, because you can't see the desktop with a flashlight). The Display data cable or the LCD. How reputable of a parts supplier did you use? If have to suspect the parts.


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Hi people new here. I too have the same or similar problem. I inherited this 2001 Mac Powerbook G4 M8407 with broken hinges initially. I took it apart to remove the display and hopefully consider replacing hinges. After the fact I was going to purchase used hinges and replace them, but almost to costly when I got a complete used for parts unit. I was able to get the original unit working with the display screen removed using external monitor. I have subsequently installed used display screen complete with hinges and now find that the same thing people are describing here happening to me. I can get the laptop to work using external monitor but only have white screen display on OEM display screen, I can however control the brightness, so not sure what the logic board or inverter looks like or where it is?

Hopefully someone else can help as well.



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Is it possible to replace the display data cable without damaging the display screen as in the case of attempting to remove broken hinges on an M8407 model?

I see what the inverter looks like and now know where it's located so I'll check out the connection there also. I assumed the for parts display screen would work as the seller indicate is was working before it wouldn't bot up?

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