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Tear Down Problems

Three problems with first ever teardown.

1. Click wheel needed a very strong blade to pry out. Eventuallly flew apart in two pieces. White ring first, leaving an assembly on very thin metal.Removed this eventually after much force. Metal got very wrinkled and bent.Unplugged itself with force of removal, leaving me with a tiny compression spring and smalll piece of black plastic.

2. Using the correct type of spudger to break the glue seal behind the mainboard and screen assembly did not help.Fortunatly the screen needed replacing so the pressure patterns I produced on it did not mattter.LCD screens are afffected by exyernal pressure. Even insertion of a very thin object like a spudger causes striations on it. These remained after removal.

3. The small white plastic bit next to the video camera lens was not very compressible. In fact it is quite hard plastic. I would have been better with a third hand to do the pushing with here. As a result there was quite a lot of scuffing in this area. Possibly some kind of pushing jig rigged from a machine shop drill press and a warm air blower to soften adhesive would help here.The adhesive in this nano is a big problem.

I'm from a background of precision scientific instrument design so no newcomer to this type of handling.

What did I do wrong? Or was this just an unlucky nano?

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It sounds to me you did all the right things. I know from personal experience that the Nano 5th generation is a royal pain in the neck to disassemble. Tight fits and strong adhesive make each one of these a challenge and personally they are my least favorites for any type of repair. I always find myself having to replace display and screen due to having to use excessive forces for removal. Again, I do believe that your technique was most certainly appropriate and that the Nano is a bear to work on. Good luck with your next one and let us know if you find a better way to fix those little things.

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