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Car is not starting

I have a Citi Golf 1.4i 2000 model, I turned into my drive way and realised the engine had stopped running, the starter is cranking perfectly but the engine is not catching at all, what could be the problem here please help???

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Have you tried spraying starter fluid into air intake while having someone trying to start it?


No I haven't but what I've just done is I pulled out the inlet pipeline that comes from the fuel pump and turned the key on to see if fuel spouts out but nothing happened, is this a sign of failure?



Check that the fuel pump fuse (#5 I think) and Fuel pump relay (J17 position #2) in engine bay fuse box are both OK


Thank you jayeff


Hi i have a velociti 1.4i 2005, drove it 9ne day the next day it didn't want to start due to flat battery then I jump started the car and it started I drove around the block fine parked it and the next day it didn't start it just swings fine but no sound of starting and I feel like I don't hear the fule pump like I used to and I checked the fuse inside no12 and it was fine apparently there is a relay as well not sure where it is


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@shims, Thulani , Check and see/listen if the fuel pump is running, listen at the rear/by fuel tank to see if you can hear the pump come on(buzz/hum) for a few seconds when an assistant turns the key to on position. If no pump is heard, the fault is in the fuel delivery circuit, check all fuses/relays, check for loose wire/connections, check for pinched fuel line or leak.. If all look OK, check for power with DVOM at the fuel pump plug connection, if power present probable fuel pump faulty. If no power present the problem could be a faulty sensor eg. crank sensor, etc.. Have the vehicle scanned for error codes as this could find the fault. If fuel pump is running, still could be weak/faulty, clogged fuel filter/screen and can be tested by hooking up a fuel pressure gage to the fuel rail, you can also squirt an ounce of fresh fuel or small amount of starter fluid into the throttle body, if car starts/runs until added fuel depleted verifies problem in fuel system circuit. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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Hi Sir, I was fortunate enough to be within reach of a new fuel pump which I used to replace old one and the car started and doing fine now thank you however, the new pump continues to make that humming noise even when idling, I'm confused as to what could now be the problem but thank you so much for the advice.


Thulani, thank you for replying back. The fuel pump is to run when the engine is running and if you have say only a 1/4 tank of fuel the hum is usually quite a bit louder then when tank is full because of echo effect. Good luck with your Golf.


Where would I find da fuel pump fuse on a 1.4 I velociti


Hi, Please help, I have a golf 1 1.4I. It's a 2005 model. When I drive it loses power and it's jerking so badly, I am confused now. I suspected the coil and the throttle and I have replaced them but still the problem continues


Hi i have 2009 models citi rox it has no spark and no sound comes at the fuel pump and after resetting timing plz help


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