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low-cost notebook with at least basic gaming power, includes the models G50-30, G50-45, G50-70, G50-80.

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What is the problem called acpi_video0 error in linux brightness?

Actually i replaced my laptop with new MB from AMD A8-6410 to A6-6310. it actually died. the new one working fine but the problem is i can't control my brightness in any operating system i through at it. i dual boot ubuntu and win10. i installed the latest drivers from the amd for my chip.

brightness isn't controllable tried every possible solution..

i think can the brightness problem comes when the connections between the screen and the MB(motherboard).

can anyone clarify my doubt about this..

what's the problem with this MB ..

the error: could not load systemd-backlight@acpi_video0.service

systemd-backlight@acpi_video0.service - Load/Save Screen Backlight Brightness of acpi_video0

@vamer ng

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I don't know if it is a help or not but here is the service manual for the Lenovo G50-30/G50-45/G50-70/G50-70m/Z50-70/Z50-75/G50-80 series laptops.

On p.72 it lists the A6-6310 motherboards (9 listings) as belonging to a G50-45 model laptop.

On p.83 it lists these LCD modules as being compatible with the G50-45 motherboards

LGD LP156WH3-TPSH HD G F LED1 NB LCD Part #18201668

AUO B156XTN04.0 4A HD G F LED1 NB LCD Part #18201669

CMI N156BGE-EB1 C2 HD G S LED1 NB LCD Part #18201670

There is no listing anywhere in the manual for a A8-6410 motherboard.

Was the A8-6410 in a G50-45 laptop? If so it seems strange not to be listed there then for that particular model. It is not even listed for the other laptop models in the same manual.

Perhaps you are right and that the A6-6310 is not totally compatible with the LCD screen. Check the part number on the back of the LCD screen against what is shown above to see if it matches.

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it kinda helped me in resolving what the actual problem is..? i'll look into it.

will check my LCD see if i can replace with another..LCD screen.

Thank you @jayeff


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