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A play oven that bakes real treats. Hasbro has sold 18 million of these little cookie factories. The secret ingredient is love!

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Can you fix the easy-bake ultimate oven if you exceed the max voltage

Plugged Easy-bake oven into 240V mains supply can it be fixed

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Most electronic / electrical devices can be fixed as long as the parts are available and it is economically viable to do so.

Open the oven and inspect it for any obvious damage, e,g, burnt out components etc.

If in doubt regarding components take some pictures and post here and no doubt you will get help.Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente.

It would be useful if you have a soldering iron and also if you have and know how to use a DMM (Digital MultiMeter) so that you can test various parts of the electrical circuit or the more simple components that may have been affected by being exposed to the incorrect voltage supply.


Thanks but I've no idea how to fix appliances and the oven has some out of this world screws that have far surpassed my knowledge of repair



They are most probably an "anti- tamper" or "security" type screw to prevent access without the correct screwdriver bit. It is supposed to be "safe" for children to use and not be too easily accessible for the more curious.

Perhaps you might know someone who has some electrical/electronics repair skills and tools. They may be able to help you.


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Possibly. As far as i know, its just a lightbulb inside of it. Try getting to the bulb and replacing it. If that doesn't work, you might need to replace the switch that turns it on, along with the light bulb socket and the cord. If the bulb change doesn't help, just get a new one as it probably is cheaper than all the new parts.

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Hi @cam2363 ,

Regarding your answer you might want to check this out first.


Still, one he might have an older one and 2, the bulb might still me replacable


Hi @cam2363 ,


Perhaps then you should rephrase your answer to that effect and then also give an alternative solution if it is the newer model.


I have no solution but to check the bulb, try to replace it, and if you cant or it can but doesnt work with a new one is to get a new one as it probably would need an entire electrical rework


I don't believe this one has a lightbulb like the old ones but thanks for trying anyways


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