New iPhone 6 battery shipped to Germany?

I am currently abroad in Germany and I am in need of a new battery for my IPhone 6. I was told to check because it was a trustworthy site however from what I've searched they don't ship internationally. I've looked on Amazon but am nervous to order and get a bad battery, any suggestions?

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jlW_2015 try the Deutsche iFixit. Die haben den gleichen guten Service und haben wahrscheinlich auch die Batterie :-)

Check on here for the battery and for more help contact them on here

Also, remember that there is/was a recall on the batteries. Check with Apple on here to see if your phone qualifies. Maybe Apple in Krautland ;-) can fix you up.

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Thanks so much! Didn't know there was an EU store!


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New US laws imposed have greatly restricted any international shipping on batteries, Even in the US they can only be shipped by ground. I would do as OldTurkey suggests and use the EU store in Germany.

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check reviews on amazon and ebay.

those are going to be your 2 best bets when it comes to getting something half way reliable. unless you go through a supplier of some sort.

just make sure you read reviews on the seller and usually amazon and ebay are both good about getting your problems fixed with botched orders.

good luck!

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