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What could cause new keyboard malfunctioning

Changed keyboard because of beer spill (a few month ago) and the right side of the new keyboard is not working. When I connect an external keyboard as I've been doing to get along, everything is fine. Thks for any help.

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Really a new keyboard or a used one ?


Absolutely. direct from Apple


Since it's a liquid spilled MBP check for corrosion inside the keyboard socket (where yo connect the kb) and if you find any clean it with a toothbrush and isopropyl alcohol. If that does not work then the logic board could be affected or the new keyboard could be faulty. Bonne chance Pierre...


Tks to both of you.

No apparent corrosion, so I re-seated kb connections at both ends and everything is OK.

Merci and best wishes!


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It needs to be tested with a known good board but first visually check the keyboard socket for blockage and reseat it.

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