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Can be used as a space heater or decoration.

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Electric Fireplace has heat but no ambience

I have an electric insert, with 3 switches. 1st switch does nothing, 2nd switch turns in the fan. 3rd switch turns on fire and heat.

Do the lights of the fire come on without heat?

I am thinking that the first switch may be the flame light without the heat.

Am I correct? If so how do I get just the light without the hear?

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I tried to send a picture.

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@misty1 do you have a make and model for the insert?


The only thing I can find is that it is a Lennox


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Hi @misty1 ,

Here is a link to the user manual for a Lennox heater (hopefully it is very similar in its' operation to yours).

Here are two images taken from the manual which seem to indicate that the flame and ember lights can be turned on without the heater being on. You need to have the 1st and 3rd switches on and the 2nd switch off.

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(click on images to enlarge for better viewing)

Are the lights working at all in your heater? If you are not getting any lights when operating the switch (with the main power switch on as well) perhaps the lights have burnt out (seems a lot though as the replacement parts on p.16 of the manual indicate that there are 10 x 35W halogen lights in the heater) or perhaps there is a problem with the lighting circuit.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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