Moto X Play, Replaced display. No image

Hi Team!

Motorola Moto X Play. The screen got destroyed, but the Screen was functional before i started this.

I opened the device, and replaced the display. on testng the screen, there was no image. vibrates and such still When trying to boot. (Still gets life.)

I have done this repair before, and had a similar issue, where disassembling it, then reassembling it would fix the issue, until i tightened the top screw. this unfortunately does not give me the option.

If anyone has done this repair before, and no of a trick that causes this, please get in contact with me immediately.

If i caused any damage, please let me know where it would have been so i know what i need to replace? i have the tools and ability to do work on PCBs, so dont hesitate to let me know.

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