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A transforming "laplet" in the Lenovo Yoga line.

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My laptop wont start cause of fan error help

my laptop recently made a weird noise then said fan error and shut down i need this as it is my school devices now when i turn itt on it doesnt even turn on and say fan error it starts to turn on for about 1 sec then turns off help me pleasssssssssssse

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Well done. blew into the air outlet and yeah boots and all is well all the best to you!


It is easy. Replace the CMOS battery: D


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there are a few things you can try first is to reseat the fan plug . This involves taking the back of the computer then finding the fan and simply unplugging it then plugging it back in. while your there you can reset the memory so it has a clear clean boot . This is done by disconnecting the battery and then pressing down the power button for 60 seconds . you can do this when you unplug the fan . This video will help with opening the laptop

You dont need to remove the battery just unplug it will do.

Hope this helps

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thank you so much i will try this


worked great!


way cool it worked huff and puff blew air into like a harmonica... boots well now


Wow!!! It works like a magic thank you so much


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@dahlz18100 besides the excellent answer provided by my colleague, you can also check this site and replace the fan to fix the shut-down error.

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