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Repair guides and troubleshooting for Presario CQ58 series. These are budget laptops made by Compaq, which was owned by HP from 2002 to 2013.

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Screen says system disabled with code 76298371

My compaq cq58 notebook pc has system disabled 76298371 on the scrren. My son forgot his password and after entering wrong attempts, this screen appeared. What do I do? Please help?

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Is this the admin password or is it for your sons account


That's what the screen is telling me......System Disabled [ 76298371 ] and now I can't get put of this screen.what do I do? It's like it's frozen.


Get out this screen--opps!!


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@kathyshaw your system is disabled due to the wrong entry of the password. Without this you can not access your computer. I would contact HP and see if they can help you. Or you can try to enter the following code 69190977 enter those numbers only. If that works you do want to make sure that all password in the BIOS are disabled

If asked for the CURRENT password use that code.

If asked for NEW password just hit enter.

If asked to VERIFY password just hit enter.

Save and exit.

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le pc ne demare plus

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