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Compact digital camera with built-in flash with 10.0 Megapixel, 10x Optical Zoom and Image Stabilizer System. Disassembling requires the use of certain equipment.

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Batteries drain quickly even if new

As soon as the batteries are replaced and my Canon powershot SX120is is switched on,

while trying to take pictures the low battery signal appears flashing on the screen and the camera switches off automatically. I have tried with new batteries of the best quality i could find but the problem remains.

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might want a new motherboard. i have same problem and have enquired with Canon and local camera shops.

labour, postage and parts could be around £100.

unfortunately it may not be worth it. I don't use mine that often! parts for this model are discontinued with Canon as from November 2017. you would want an estimate and diagnosis before any work would be carried out,to be sure! around £40.

check if the shop can fix it and carry the spares!

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