52 inch telly vision not working

My TV has been off for 10 days won't power up at all had it off left plug out the wall still nothing?

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What is the model number of the TV?

Does the power light come on at all when you connect it to the power and switch on?

It seems as though there may be a problem with the power board.

Remove the power cord from the power outlet and then take the back cover off the TV and look for any obvious signs of a problem e.g. domed or blown capacitors (especially on the power board - the one where the power cord connects to), or burnt or heat stressed components. Gently (stress very gently) check to see that all the cables are secure and not loose in the connectors

Take close up pictures of anything that looks suspicious and post back here. or even just pictures of the power board. That way we can see what you can see.

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