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The XtremeMac Luna is a home audio system with AM/FM radio, iPod docking, and an alarm clock feature. It was released by XtremeMac in 2006.

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Xtreme Mac Luna clock does not advance

My XtremeMac LUNA has stopped telling time

I can reset the clock, but it fails to advance

I have changed the clock battery and plugged and unplugged

Is there a clock oscillator or chip that may have gone bad?

Thanks - Albert

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Here is a link to the Ifixit guide on how to replace the motherboard in your clock. It is handy as it shows how to access the motherboard.

Given that you say most of the other functions seem to work and in the absence of a circuit diagram available online, at this stage it might be just as easy to inspect the motherboard for any obvious problems such as swollen or blown capacitors or stressed components (signs of heat or burnt).

XtremeMac Luna Motherboard Replacement

If you have any doubts about a particular component just post some close up pictures and hopefully someone will help you.

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XtremeMac Luna Motherboard Imagem


XtremeMac Luna Motherboard Replacement

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15 minutes

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2 - 5 minutes

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