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cord pull back.when pull to start

i have a lawn mower, when i pull the cord it pulls my hand back

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This type of kick back is usually caused from the engine timing being off.It is usually a sign of a bent or sheared key between the flywheel and the crankshaft. Remove the upper cover of the engine. Remove the starter cup from the top of the flywheel. Remove the nut on top of the flywheel and check the alignment of the groove in the flywheel with the groove in the crankshaft. If these grooves are not perfectly aligned, the key is bent or sheared. Remove the flywheel to replace the key. But make sure that you follow the directions for your mower, I just gave some general ones. Hope this helps. Good luck

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My mower exactly has the same issue and the problem is at "key" (made by soft metal) broken into 2 pieces and groves on both crankshaft and fly-where are shifted about 20+ degree. the engine turns revers is because when the compressed gas-air explored before piston reached to the top so explored gas-air push piston to cause engine turn revers.


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when you order key, you may order flywheel puller

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Mine does the same when you pull it but the key way is in tacked and not broke can someone help

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