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Released 2014, full name is recognized as Cuisinart PerfecTemp 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker. Black model shown, also applicable to white.

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Mysterious X mark on home screen

An X mark has appeared in lower right hand corner of the screen. What is it & how do I clear it?

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The X is through a microphone and means the completion tone is muted.


Thank you! This popped up on my coffee maker screen too!


Thank you just what I wanted to know. I probably could have figured it out if the symbol with the X through it was a Speaker instead of a microphone. LOL


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Do not know your particular model but reading through the manual was wondering if this was the indication that the Ready Tone signal was OFF.

This is from the manual:


Your coffeemaker features a Ready Tone that beeps 5 times when coffee is finished brewing. To turn this alert off, press Tone button; an icon will appear in display to indicate tone is off. To turn tone back on, press Tone button again; icon will disappear.''

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Is there a way to increase the volume of the ready tone? I have model CBC6400PC. Lately when the tone button is turned on, the beeps are barely audible.


Thanks for the answer. It was driving me crazy.


Thanks. That was it. It was driving me crazy also


Thank you so much. I knew someone out there had an answer. ☕😉


Icon looked like a bolt with an X over it. Manual doesn't tell you what the icon looks like for the ready tone only tells you how to turn it off and on. SMFH!


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