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Repair guides and support for the Huawei P9 Lite, released in April 2016.

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block calls and sms

How to block unwanted calls and sms

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I have a number that can text me. But her phone calls are rejected. She is not showing on a blocked list how do I solve this so she can phone me


I have the same issue with my Huawei Nova 2.

My wife's calls are rejected. I've never blocked or blacklisted her number. I've gone thru all steps as a ice, no record or the number being block but still no joy.

A drama as we have 2 small kids and live in a foreign land.




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Not certain this will work but go to your Contacts, select the number you want to block, tap the settings icon (either 3 dots or the right soft key below the screen and select "block incoming calls".

There are also various options described in this link which may also be of some help to you.

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Since I have a Huawei P9 the settings should pretty much be the same. There is this feature called Harassment Filter or Blacklisting they both should work the same and they block the calls and SMS when the blocking criteria matches.

You can also opt to not notify if a call or SMS was blocked as well in the phone number filter settings.


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you can slove this from

Phone manager >>harassment filter

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Having a massive issue with this .

I blocked a number a few days back .. now I've unblocked it .. removed it from blacklist , done everything possible to man to reinstate the number so it's able to get through and not be intercepted..

The number is on no block or blacklist but still.. I get notifications everttime this person tried to ring me saying it's been blocked..

Had 02 on the phone .. stumped!

What can I do any help will be greatly appreciated..

Even done a factory reset.. still the same


I have a Huawei p8 lite..


Phone your moble phone service provider or Hauwei customer support in your country, they will navigate you through the process of rectifying your issue.


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