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A Windows phone known for its camera capabilities. Also known as Nokia EOS, Nokia 909, Nokia RM-875, Nokia RM-877, Nokia RM-876.

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Camera and camera apps wont load.

The camera wont load or any of the camera apps. I click the camera button and it flicks across to the camera screen but the camera icon is greyed out and then it quickly closes and returns to main menu. Same thing happens if I try and load from Camera app, Lumia Camera app or Nokia app, even my flashlight app does the same flash screen then it crashes. All other apps and editing of pic apps work fine. Have tried Hard Reset, have updated to Denim and have updated every app and reset the phone again and again etc.

Anyone seen this before?

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Yes, unfortunately I have the same problem. I think it is a software glitch. There are "solutions" to this problem. I even considered upgrading to Win10, but it is too complicated for me :( I would love to have this fixed properly but the knowledge base on this phone is very limited.

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